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Jim and Chuck have something to show you. 15 years of proudly serving the gay community have paid off with the launch of M2M, a new line featuring luxury leather gear and pleasure toys for man-to-man satisfaction. PHS International founders Jim Horne and Chuck Harnish recognized the need for quality gay products back in 1992 and have carried that commitment to quality with them always, in all of their lines and for all of their customers. 

Marking the first luxury leather line created by gay men, for gay men, M2M is about life and sex and about enhancing connections. M2M will launch a memorable and momentous entry into the adult industry. 

M2M Fall 2006 offerings contain eight product categories to provide for a full-spectrum lifestyle brand. The categories are: sensory gear, including gags and blindfolds; restraints, for both wrists and ankles; cock and ball gear such as leather cock rings and dividers; advanced cock and ball gear like stretchers and metal gates; fashion gear, including armbands and collars; pleasure toys for the butt; and point-of-sale merchandisers like spinner racks and handsome wall displays.  

A little background on PHS helps in understanding why M2M is a culmination of more than a decade's hard work and unwavering dedication. PHS began in the early 90s inside a fannypack filled with only a few styles of handcrafted earrings, necklaces, bracelets and keychains. That fannypack is now a 16,000 square-foot warehouse in Phoenix, Arizona with over 5,000 product offerings. 

PHS International, starting as a 1-home, then 2-home and up to 5-home operation on a cul-de-sac, is now the largest distribution and manufacturing company focused on the gay community in the entire world. PHS branched out into the adult market in the late 90s with a wide variety of novelty items, including boxers, socks, after-sex towels, mugs, games, leather goods, jewelry, buttons, magnets and more. 

"After 10 years [as a customer], it becomes more than a business relationship. Clients are more than clients--they're friends," notes Chuck on the PHS outlook on service. M2M customers will benefit from the streamlined, efficient processes that PHS and its employees have prided themselves in since the very beginning. "Typically, we ship in 24 hours, without exception," says Jim. 

Retail shoppers will be attracted to M2M's unique, polished package design. "The way it's all put together, it's not just dick in your face," comments Chuck. 

Looking back, "We'd drink cocktails, watch movies and make products," recalls Jim of their humble beginnings. "Our hands, hearts and livers have always been in it,” laughs Jim.

Looking forward, Jim and Chuck feel excited to be adding M2M to the already diverse PHS family, sharing their vision once again with the community they've supported and been a part of for so long.

James Horne
Owner -- Product Development

Chuck Harnish
Owner -- Operations Manager

Michael Merrill
Sales -- Marketing Manager

Cole Stevens
Public Relations

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